an idea for a marriage’s gift

Hallo to everyone!

I have a friend, my best friend, who is getting married very soon (2 weeks from now)

She is from Canada, he is from Italy (like me, sorry for my bad english!)

She live(ed) in canada, he is living in France, now they will live together in France.

As a gift, my wife and I would like to make a poster with various graphics showing how their marriage is absolutely eco-friendly (they are both vegan and absolutely careful to impact the environment as little as possible), and then compare a bit of parameters indicating how much CO2 goes to save, or how much less resources they waste … for example:

– trips to go to visit each-other (2 times every year) -> -50kg CO2 / year

– phone calls -> 5???? CO2 / year

– take a shower together -> -10 l / day of water

would you help me find some good parameters, maybe even fun? and above all: how to calculate the kg of CO2 that each activity generates? there are databases, sites, other?

thank you so much

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