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Cost to replace the necessary straw is about $2,000.

DULUTH, Minn.- The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon just experienced a bit of a roadblock putting this race together this year.

A regular phone call to the straw supplier turned into a nightmare of a problem as $2,000 worth of straw was stolen right from the farmer’s property.

The 200 bails of straw are used at checkpoints along the course as a warm place for sled dog teams to sleep if they stay a long time or through the night.

Replacing the straw is proving difficult, because farmers are charging more after a rainy season that left their straw supply short.

According to race coordinators, no matter what those dogs need warm bedding.

“We’ll need anywhere from 165–200 bails of straw,” Mary Jo Jauert said. “So we’ll get it from somewhere, we just don’t know where yet.”

“Cause it’s expensive, and y’know like any nonprofit we just don’t have the extra funds to just bail out a bunch of money for a big expense like that.”

Even though this theft may be hard to believe, it’s not the first time it’s happened.

A similar theft happened four years ago, and the farmer took extra measures to secure the straw, but thieves still found a way to steal it.

While donations are always welcome, now more than ever their needed to help offset the cost of replacing the straw.

You can donate through their Facebook page, or on their website.

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