Best skill-set to develop as an undergrad student?

Best skill-set to develop as an undergrad student?

Hi, I am going into my final year of my biology degree and my options for my final year project/dissertation are coming up. Unfortunately my school is very much focused on molecular/lab based biology and there’s rather limited options for ecology.

My main love is evolution, but more on a macro-scale, community interactions, reading about classical evolutionary biologists like W.D Hamilton and E.O Wilson who modeled interactions, and I want to study postgrad but if I take the ecological options at uni which is like making collections, counts etc. Will this reflect poorly on me if I wish to pursue evo/eco postgrad?

Like I can do lab work, I have generally good marks all round but I just get no joy looking at molecules/genes and I much prefer looking at whole organisms and how they interact on a large scale. Will it hinder me to say my dissertation was just about looking at mammal populations in an urban area, rather than say looking at some novel drug or protein for some disease?


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