Birds Are Vanishing From North America (NY Times)

Rather than looking at the next person, or waiting for others to change, change what you can control.

Consider doing all you can do, as you can do it.

Others around you who know you will see you can do “the things” (whatever is started on), and may be moved to also change. They also may be moved to give you a lot of gruff, but good people at worst only ask questions and have concerns, and can learn from others changing for good reasons.

Some for instances to start: Don’t use pesticide unless absolutely necessary (and limited), learn to use nature to maintain nature and use less toxic solutions where possible. Buy organic, plant natives to support local wildlife, go vegan or at least move to eating more plant based (local food sources best usually overall for the environment), do your best to not over consume, reuse as much as possible for less waste. Simplify, repair rather than replace. Go to or support going to solar, wind, renewable electric sources for home and vehicles. Vote for better climate and wilds/wildlife protections, and use motion sensing night outdoor lighting, and do what you can to support change for dark night sky protections. Learn about critters and plants in your area, and talk with others about them, so they are aware. Volunteer to clean up or provide other support for caring for the outdoors. Don’t fall for marketing propaganda that you are “less than” without X product (it’s all just psyops to get us to spend, using our innate nature and penchant for addictions causing us to act against our own best interests for ourselves, our families and the health of life on the planet. Only $$$$ matters to them).

Tons more out there.

Not that you aren’t doing some to all of this already, but if this helps you or anyone… we can only really control our own individual thoughts and actions. Our individual thoughts lead to words shared and actions taken, which do help fuel a tide of change.

Edited to add dark sky protection.

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