Can Supercrops Feed 10 BILLION People?

Can Supercrops Feed 10 BILLION People?

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If you tried to sum up the last 150 years or so in one image, a chart of exponential growth would be a good place to start. It shows that some things change faster over time. You could apply it to life expectancy. Or compound interest. Or any number of things. But especially population growth. Back in 1798 a guy named Thomas Malthus noticed that not everything grows this way. And this caused people to worry, because they were sure it would lead to massive death and starvation and famine. But that didn’t happen, thanks to something called the Green Revolution and a guy named Norman Borlaug. As we face a future population of ten billion and a world impacted by climate change, how will we do a Green Revolution 2.0? #GatesPartner


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