Chaos and order in ecology: the rise of the myth of the superorganism

Good read. Although, it would be interesting to analyse an idea currently in vogue in evo-devo in these terms. An idea gaining some traction is holobionts and hologenomes: the idea that ostensibly individual organisms are actually communities composed of symbiotic relations and, because these relations are transmissible, their interacting genomes constitute a singular heritable ‘hologenome.’ Is this the most cutting edge iteration of the balance of nature?

More interesting is the repeated (but underdeveloped) idea that ecology reproduces political ideals insofar as it sees communtarianism, libertarianism, etc. in the biosphere. Would be interesting to see a thorough analysis of the dangers of capitalism’s individualistic ideals that doesn’t collapse back into the balance myth.

Thanks for the link OP, much food for thought.

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