Chicago voters want straw ban, schools funded by marijuana revenue

Chicago residents want gun dealers to be certified by the state, a ban on plastic straws and revenue from legalized marijuana funneled into public schools and mental health services.

When residents took to the polls Tuesday, they got to have their say on issues ranging from marijuana revenue — if it ever becomes legal in Illinois — to property tax exemptions. However, many of the referendums were advisory — the type of ballot measure often used by politicians to drum up support or even distract from other issues.

Chicago residents also likely recall photos of former Gov. Pat Quinn traveling across the city as he collected petition signatures for two questions that voters got to have a say on — term limits for the office of Chicago mayor and an elected consumer advocate. And while those two questions did end up on the ballot, the public won’t immediately see the results because the questions are being examined in the courts.

Here are the results of questions posed to citywide voters:

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