Communicating biodiversity to a world that doesn’t care enough. With the biodiversity crisis quite possibly surpassing climate change as the greatest threat to humanity, we explore why many do not seem to realize the urgency, and reveal why this year is the crucial time for a plan ‘B’.

And this will be our fate. We’ve severely reduced and reshuffled most of the genes on this planet and hurtled it into an entirely new evolutionary path. It will rebound over eons into new forms that are entirely unimaginable to us now.

We will likely not be a part of those systems. Our arrogance, greed, and superstition is to large of a mountain to overcome apparently. We’ve never been able to fully confront the horrors of both over population and over consumption. We shirked living within our means and adopted growth at all costs. But, it’s what we’ve always done.

Maybe any other organism in our position would have done the same. Maybe a civilization of raccoons would be having this exact discussion right now.

Then again, we are natural and have always been. It’s our arrogance that allows us to believe otherwise. It will be our undoing too.

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