Conservation biology involves the collection and analysis of data that in turn drives conservation science and policy. Scientists examined the impact of including nonnative species in this analysis and found that trends in species richness, distribution and threats change when all wildlife count.

That is the most ignorant thing I have read all year. I get it some people cannot get over the fact that a living thing is alive, but the fact they cause significant and measurable impacts on the ecosystems where they were introduced cannot be ignored. They DO NOT add to biodiversity, in the long term they significantly reduce it.

The conclusion of the argument is a claim that data is not being used. In fact invasive monitoring and reporting is extremely extensive and robust. The fact they could even bring up population number of dromedaries or javan rusa proves that fact.

The “everything is native to earth” argument is not based in science no matter how many numbers you try to throw at it.


The scientists also found that conservation is the stated motivation for killing most nonnative wildlife.


Lead author, Dr Arian Wallach from the UTS Centre for Compassionate Conservation

Colour me not surprised.

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