Creatura – Evolution Vivarium Simulator, is now in public Early Access

Almost exactly year ago, i’ve asked on r/ecology and couple other subreddits for a help with developing my evolution based aquarium/terrarium simulator, using natural/artificial selection principles of fauna and flora breeding. Year later, and after almost 3 years of development, with help of around 30 closed alpha testers from Reddit (Really brave souls who have fought over hundreds of bugs and even some bluescreens in very early versions, thank You all very much again!) – Creatura is in Early Access, publicly available for everyone at .

In Creatura You can manage a virtual aquarium/terrarium, grow & trade procedurally generated plants, use realistic GCAT DNA editing tools to create and discover new fauna & flora species – and with the very much needed help of Steam Early Access users, i hope to complete this most complex and education oriented vivarium simulator available on PC, and soon consoles/mobile (It’s optimized well enough that Windows test builds are working fine on mobile, with save cross-compatibility planned for Beta version).

I’ve entered Early Access week ago, and after a week of daily 12h+ bug crunching – the project is in pretty stable state, waiting for more feedback, suggestions, and obviously testing. This doesn’t mean Creatura is done in any way, shape or form. It’s Early Access, if You are interested in helping with the development and don’t mind unbalanced gameplay that might crash from time to time – please check it out, otherwise just add it to Your wishlist and wait until it’s fully released.

P.S. If You want to play around with Creatura but don’t feel like reporting bugs – don’t worry, all crashes are automatically reported to anonymous public bug reporting channel, where You can see them all happening around the world live (and me desperately trying to patch them), but also feel free there to also say hello to our testers, suggest a feedback or ask me for help – i’m on the channel pretty much 24/7 happy to answer!

*Also i hope to not break the rules of this subreddit, Creatura is literally one man project, i’m as indie as it gets, and i just hope to get like-minded people interested in pretty unique passion project without any kind of marketing budget or even time to spent on promotion, so if it’s not an issue, this might get cross-posted across some other subreddits.. I hope it’s also not treated as spam, since the last time i’ve mentioned the project to this community was literally year ago.

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