Cross Vertebrate Species Male Infertility And Feminization

135 peer-reviewed scientific studies & reports showing effects of EMF exposures on male fertility (1972-2012)

PFAS = male infertility + smaller penises

PFAS = Most western men will be infertile by 2060

PFAS = Forever Chemicals in Drinking Water

Dental flossing and other behaviors linked with higher levels of PFAS in the body

PFAS in Drinking Water: Hazardous at Ever-Lower Levels

PFAS: Insights from Past Actions to Inform Today’s Decisions

China will become the dominant user of petrochemicals.

I don’t believe PFAS, pesticide, herbicide and pharmacide regulation is high on their list of priorities. Only by taxing the rich we can prevent psychotic behavior.

Do you know that 3.5 billion people fly each year? That’s half the people on earth. Corporations NGOs and governments have been fighting climate change for 30 years, and emissions went up 60% in 30 years. Socialism and capitalism have been at odds for 100 years. It will take 50 years for socialism to spread worldwide if we don’t shut down tax havens for the rich. You can’t put the cart before the horse.

Male Feminization Affects All Vertebrates:

This next link is important because species feminization has been found in even remote wilderness areas. There’s also a link about how pesticides can make humans depressed and males infertile.

This all happened because academia sold out to big business 100 years ago. Be sure to check out the Academic Fraud section. You heard of fake news, will wait til you hear about fake science.

The Revengey Part

The recycling program is revealed for the fraud it is. All our plastic is spreading throughout the food chain. I’ve even heard said there’s micro-plastics lodged in our brains.

Most Euro/American men will be sterile by 2050. Euro/Americans are more feminized than Africa and Asia. We are dulled depressed and sickened by our own air water and food.

There are maybe a billion Euro/Americans, so maybe 5 billion African/Asians. They are more young virile and male due to limited multiple exposures so far. China is building massive infrastructure to serve these markets, and those young billions will not be socialist during the boom phase.

We can’t flood the world with sex robots and drones. We are not going to live on Mars and big fast EVs won’t change anything. After 30 years of trying, solar and wind are only 1-3% of the world’s total energy use.

We have to destroy demand within 10 years. When people say we got 10 years to fix the climate, it doesn’t mean we got until the last day of the 9th year.

It is not only PFAS feminizing species, it’s the combination of petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and wifi in the air water food.

Every toy drone is made of plastic and trace metals. Every fitbit is killing the earth. Urban classrooms can be 1,000 ppm CO2 and filled with off gassing PFAS that are also found in drinking water. Herbicides rot your gut and pesticides make males infertile and mentally ill. Dow gave us this with their non-stick, stain-free, fire-proof, waterproof clothes and furniture because cigarettes kept burning down houses back in the day when everyone smoked.

Video time turns kids myopic, rewires their brain and causes them to become addicted to ideological fantasies. The pollution in urban air is like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and makes us stupider. Urban classroom air at 1,000 ppm CO2 makes kids 15% stupider. Kids drink juice and water are filled with toxic metals, which make them stupider. Imagine how smart our kids would be without all this. Of course if affects poor blacks more than rich whites, but that’s not what matters anymore, because its spreading to the rest of the world, and they’re all the same race.

Wifi is a brand new experiment the human race can’t give up. The 5G rollout will be like sticking our testicles and heads in a microwave.

5G IOT AI WIFI is why China is buying up oil, so instead of burning oil in cars, we can now turn oil into ipads and phones. Petrochemical demand is growing 7X faster than population growth.

By assigning fake safe limits to everything we’ve ignored how much of everything there is everywhere, and their cumulative power over our evolutionary destiny. We can’t escape our race sex class or even geography, but we can tax the rich without the government. Here’s how…

I am a delusional optimist because I believe 100% private carbon taxes on the rich can fix avarice. By taxing the rich we can sublimate deep state surveillance/targeting AI into a universal basic income worldwide. Taxing the rich with 100% private carbon taxes means 100% of it goes back to the poor, no middle man.

We have the computing power to keep track of every dollar on earth. This means we can eliminate tax havens, if we transition from oil security dollars to a world basic income. World socialism will take decades, we can tax greed in just a few years.

I am not educated, so if you are, then spread this topic, and don’t expect any success, but lots of blowback. I know because denial is something I’m good at.

Ecological Policy Failure = Humanity’s Greatest Mistake

I saved the scariest for last

Thiamine deficiency is affecting life at the top of the seafood chain including seabirds etc., and scientists don’t know which pollutants are the cause, which also means there are other likely causes.

Researchers also flagged increasing evidence of thiamine deficiencies in a range of taxonomic groups and in ocean waters as a possible driver of wildlife declines. This is especially worrisome how it affects plankton. We can’t figure out if its pollutants or climate change or both.

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