Farmers swap straw for silage, as bale prices go over €40

With the price of straw steadily climbing, who were able to salvage a good crop of silage, especially those in the west are selling it to farmers across the country and in some cases swapping it for straw.

Across Munster, straw is being sold for €30 per round bale on site, while the average price of hay in the south is around €30 per round bale. Mixed hay and rush bales are being sold for bedding at €8-€10 per round bale.

Silage prices have risen to €43 per round bale n a lot of cases, but can be found for €35 in parts of Kerry. Some farmers are selling bales before the harvest.

In Leinster, big spring barley straw bales, weighing around 320kg, and described as ‘suitable for bedding’ are being sold for €35.

Meanwhile, in north Dublin, round bales of straw are being sold for €25 and good quality straw is currently being sold in Meath at a cost of €50 per 8x4x4 bales.

Hay is making good returns, selling at €28 – €32 for a round bale.

Second cut silage is being sold standing in a Co. Meath field, with the 30-acres on the market for €1,200.

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