How to hype up counting seeds for an ecology resume

So my first experience in an ecology lab wasn’t the most exciting. I spent two months solely counting and massing grass seeds for the grad student I was working with. I was hoping to learn a lot more, and he did show me the results he got from R, but that was honestly the only task I was given all summer.

The experience is over, and I have now gotten much better and fulfilling lab experience since then, but I don’t really want to write it off of my resume. So far all I have listed is the investigations that the projects focused on, and “Collected, recorded, and analyzed biological data.” And honestly, the analyzed part of that is iffy in itself. Is there any other way I can spruce up this section of my resume or is it just a lost cause?

For context, I am a fourth year undergraduate trying to enter the BS/MS program of my school. I want to showcase as much research experience as possible.

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