Humans Are Smart. Why Are Babies So Unsmart?

Humans Are Smart. Why Are Babies So Unsmart?

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The first thing a baby giraffe experiences after being born is a 2 meter fall straight down to the ground. But within an hour, it’s standing, walking, and nursing on its own. And a blue whale calf, after nearly a year growing inside mom, can swim to the surface moments after being born. Human babies on the other hand? We’re born unable to move or eat on our own, we can’t communicate or fully sense our world, and we leak EVERYWHERE. If humans are so smart, why are our babies so… un-smart? You may think it’s all about head size, but the real science is more complex.


Note: In videos like this one, we use the terms male and female to refer to biological sex and typical secondary characteristics seen across the human population.

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