I have a direction, but I am lost.

This is my first ever post on Reddit, so bear with me.

I am currently attending community college and plan on transferring within the year to a university near me. The problem is that I cannot choose what field I want to go into. There are two schools that I am considering and both have a degree I am interested in. I am deciding between a BS in Forestry Ecology and Management or a BS in Biology with a focus on Environmental and Organismal Biology. I am very interested in both Forestry and Ecology, but I do not want to get stuck working in a lab somewhere.

I came here to ask advice from Foresters, Biologists, and Ecologists (cross posting).

  • What do you find rewarding about your career?

  • Is there a potential for new discoveries in your field?

  • Do you work in the field? Office? Lab setting?

  • What advice can you give me on pursuing a career in your field?

  • How do you think these two degrees stack up against each other?

I know this is a lot of questions, and I’m sure there are questions I am missing, but I just wanted to throw this out to the people of Reddit and beg for any help that you can give me.

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