I have these two options for grad school… any advice?

I have these two options for grad school… any advice?

One is stay at the university I’m at, and complete a 3+2 program where I finish my masters with only one extra year ontop of my 4 undergrad years. (I’d be completing my 3rd year of undergrad this year and transitioning into my masters next year).

Pros: it’s cheaper, both because it’s a year less and because my uni is pretty cheap. But also there are some very good ecologists here and we’re located near an international hub where ecologists meet in the summers, and there’s closeby access to some really interesting work.

I’ve done research projects with the profs here before. We know each other and work well together. The masters here is also very project based, so I’ll be doing some good research.

Cons: I’ll be in the same environment, same people, and even though it’s a good uni for this, it’s less known.

Option two is to finish my bachelors the traditional way, and then hopefully transfer into a masters at a university that’s well known for being a high quality research uni in ecology (specifically its Colorado State University).

Pros: I’d get out of my existing environment and meet new people, meet new professors/researchers, be a part of a well known high quality research program, etc.

Cons: it would take a year longer. It’d be more expensive. More money to pay back. New place where maybe the realtionships are different, etc.

My overall goal is to stick with research and academia and eventually become a full time researcher in the field, if possible. So I’m likely moving on to PhD after my masters.

Any thoughts or advice here?



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