I Saw One Chipmunk Nibbling Another Chipmunk’s Rear – Is This a Thing?


I know little about ecology, biology, or any of the natural or physical sciences. I was telling some friends about this and one of them suggested I post here.

This was roughly eight years ago during high school, my parents’ house is in new england and there a lot of chipmunks in the yard, they make nests in our stone fences and occasionally our wood piles. During early summer I was outside and there was a chipmunk sitting on top of one of the rock fences, being very still, I thought I had made eye contact with it and stopped moving, it stayed where it was. Things remained like this for around 15 seconds.

At this point another chipmunk came out from a nearby crevice in the fence, and after approaching the original chipmunk over the course of maybe 5 seconds, ended up with its face in the original chipmunks rear, and judging from the motions its head was making it was doing something with its mouth.

The weirdest part was this went on for a good 5+ seconds, only then did the original chipmunk squeak, turn around and scurry away into the fence, the other chipmunk in pursuit. I have no idea what all of that was, I don’t even know how to google if oral sex among chipmunks is a known behavior. Was this a form of grooming maybe?

Tldr: I don’t know anything about animals and their behavior and saw what looked like one chipmunk eating out another chipmunk. What did I see? Thanks

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