If nations fail to rein in their greenhouse gas emissions, nearly every terrestrial ecosystem on the planet — from forests to grasslands to marshland —will undergo “major transformations” that will completely change the world’s biomes, warn a team of 42 scientists from around the globe

He is doing something with his money, he’s making more of it.. in all fairness there was a big win against an oil pipeline recently in Canada so there’s something to smile about.


I just read this article where the leader of an opposition party said the federal judges who overturned it were ‘out of touch with the real world’ & ‘not realising real world consequences’… Are these people for real? Is making money really of bigger importance than the life of indigenous people, their livelihoods and the ecosystems health which the pipeline would devastate ..?

How do we even start to change the minds of people who think like this? I’m baffled.

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