If you wanted one message about ecology to reach the general public, what would you want to communicate?

That humans are and have been an extremely important part of world ecology. Even places seen as pristine wildernesses have been managed by humans for thousands of years (I.e. the Outback in Australia or Great Plains in the US).

A lack of human influence in an area doesn’t always have positive effects on biodiversity or productivity.

That being said the ever growing rift between environmental metabolism and social metabolism has had extremely detrimental effects on the health of our environment. But this is not due to the idea that people just inherently corrupt the world, it’s because of our methods of consumption, production, trade, transportation, etc.

Our world ecology doesn’t have a human problem, it has a capitalism problem. And until we drastically change the way in which we consume, create, grow, trade, etc. that rift will grow wider and wider until either our social system collapses or our environmental system collapses.

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