In France, we’re trying to sue the government for its innactions about ecology. When I’m writing this we’re 1.5 millions to have signed the petition, making it the most signed in France’s history. We could actually get a chance to force politicians to act for the greater good, please help us too !

No, some people tried to protest against that, some people had other reasons to join, now the “yellow jacket” movement could be anything, from angry tax payers to anti macronists (with or without arguments) to hooligans to plot theorists (apparently the recent shooting that occurred in Strasbourg was an act to distract the french people from the government’s shenanigans. I live there, I was there, it sure seemed very realistic to me) to far right assholes.

What I’m trying to say is that maybe this is what the world sees through the medias but the majority of the country is more or less against that movement. They just disturb the streets aimlessly while we could have an actual (better thought) revolution. Just look for the highschool and university protests, that’s the riot we would like to show.

I’m sorry if my answer isn’t really related to the topic, I’m just sad that the world get us so wrong because our rednecks went wild.

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