Lethal Traps dismantled by our Forest Guards

You mean “ecological integrity.” Like the health of the system, right? Ecology is the study of the interactions within a defined system, the name of the branch of science, if you will. “Improve ecology” doesn’t mean anything because the ecological situation is what it is and it is observed through the science of ecology. However, by removing/adding species, for example, you could improve, or worsen, the ecological integrity of the system. It wouldn’t much matter, however:

The system’s ecological situation is an objective entity. It is to be observed with actions and reactions- unambiguous. But the ecological integrity of the same system is very subjective to the human mind- what we think is “healthy” or not for a system based on our ideologies.

Therefore it is only the ecological integrity of the system that can be improved. Not sure why I am downvoted.. that term is scientific and used as such in research papers.

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