LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reduce plastic consumption, plastic pollution

Two or three weeks ago I read about a young Danish inventor leading The Ocean Cleanup. They are using a giant trash collector to tackle the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The AP story reported the island of garbage to be twice the size of Texas. That’s a lot of plastic.

I first learned of this problem a few years ago when a student shared a persuasive argument encouraging her classmates and me to look for ways to reduce plastic pollution. Then I heard about microplastics in the Great Lakes. More plastic pollution. And if microplastics are there, I thought, they are probably everywhere.

Anyway, I had been meaning for some time to call the Pioneer about those silly plastic bags. I finally got around to it.

I delivered papers for five years and never once put a paper in a plastic bag.

Lots of people are concerned about stuff like this. It’s not just me. I see folks bringing cloth bags into stores when they shop. Others don’t use a bag at all if they haven’t bought much..

I’ll probably get a chance to talk to a politician between now and November, and I am going to try to remember to tell ’em about this stuff. I bet other folks are doing the same.

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