Marine Ecologists – How Often Do You Dive?

Marine Ecologists – How Often Do You Dive?

I have a “year in industry” placement after the second year of my undergraduate degree and i’m thinking of doing it at a consultancy firm as a Marine Ecologist. I’m based in the United Kingdom if that helps.

In my mind, I had images of diving and conducting surveys by hand. But upon investigating, it seems a lot of the surveying is done from the boat with winches, nets and dredging; this is not quite what I was hoping for if i’m honest. I want to be hands on in the environment myself. One website I came across only had one type of survey that involved diving on it’s list of 10 or so different survey techniques.

To those who know the field far better than I do, how often can I expect to dive in a Marine Ecology position? Primarily based in the UK, though I intend to move to New Zealand in the next 10 years. Would it be any different at Pacific based consulting firms? Or will I be doing little to no diving?


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