Masters Thesis Idea (Carrion/Vertebrate Scavengers/Point based observation)

Hello. I’m trying to formulate my thesis. I should say I’ve only just begun my MSc, so I’m not entirely sure what types of higher level research designs I could employ. My main interest is in carrion as an ephemeral resource and my undergraduate dissertation was a pitfall study of Silphids comparing woodland abundance/richness in different woodland sizes. I’ve been circling around the idea of something to do with camera trapping and scavengers. My research question, at least at the minute, is whether human activity in urban woodlands decreases carcass acquisition. Despite researching this topic quite a lot, and just reading about carrion and fragmentation for my dissertation, I’m struggling to come up with an original problem. Also, is camera trapping a viable method? I have in mind to place cameras in semi-natural undisturbed woodlands and urban disturbed woodlands along with carcasses to determine consumption rate. It’s all up in the air though. I equally want to look at urban areas, perhaps in buildings, to see what the permeability of scavengers is. Not quite sure, if I’m honest. Any help?

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