New paper straw manufacturer starts production in South East – Packaging News

The only paper straw manufacturer in the South East, and one of only a handful in Europe, it has set up after investing in high tech equipment to produce environmentally friendly paper straws.

The straws are fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. The company uses wet food grade kraft paper designed to stay sturdy and strong for longevity in drinks.

The UK’s plastic straw ban is due to come in to effect next year, and caterers, corporates and consumers will need to be provided alternatives.

Tim Clifton, co-founder of Paper Straws London, said the company aims to be produce up to a million quality, environmentally friendly straws per week by the end of the year, with additional capacity in 2019.

“To see our first batch of paper straws being produced using our new state of the art machine is a very exciting moment.

“The wholesale and retail market currently ordering straws from Asia have to commit to taking a container load with payment up front. With Paper Straws London they do not have to commit to such large orders and, with our faster delivery times, this will be helpful to businesses’ cashflow.”

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