Obtaining commercial pesticide license on your own?

Obtaining commercial pesticide license on your own?

I’ve recently been studying to obtain my commercial pesticide applicator license (not through a job, just on my own) as I had been told it would make me a more competitive applicant having it on my resume. However, there are many subcategories in addition to the core exam and I am unsure which to study for. I have tried seeing which categories the jobs I want to apply for require, but they’re all pretty widespread. Should I just take the core and wait until I get employed to take the subcategory exam, or would that not be good enough? I am taking the core exam next week and I’m worried I’m making a mistake if I’ll have to take another exam. Can anyone speak from experience with what they did?

EDIT: Apparently you must take at least one subcategory exam. Since I’ve seen a lot of jobs require the Right-Of-Way subcategory, I am going to attempt that one.


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