Opinions on straw ban run the gamut

PLATTSBURGH — The City of Plattsburgh Common Council awaits results from an online survey asking about a proposed law to ban use of plastic straws, swizzle sticks and cocktail sticks by commercial food establishments.

It will help inform councilors as they decide whether to pursue the legislation — and it is also inviting opinions on other items made of plastic, including utensils and bags, along with asking respondents to weigh in on idling vehicles and transforming the city’s fleet into green vehicles.

The survey had received hundreds of responses as of late last week, and responses will be accepted until Sept. 30.

Find it at: https://tinyurl.com/y9xzwg6q.

Meanwhile, the Press-Republican asked P-R Facebook readers what they think about the straw-ban proposal.

Some expressed concern for people with disabilities who rely on plastic straws, but Counselor Rachelle Armstrong has already said the council will take that into account.

Here are some answers from readers: 

Chuck Kargoe: “Plastic grocery bags pose more of a problem than straws…smh. Return to paper!!!”

Curt Seymour: “Common Counsel should worry more about the city’s budget and or how to bring Tourism back to plattsburgh.”

Paul Bombardier: “Collect all those Plastic Straws , Melt them down and Patch the pot holes in the city streets!”

David Souliere IV: “I think with the lack of housing and homelessness in Plattsburgh and the seemingly never ending heroin and meth epidemic, that there is bigger things to worry about and allocate resources too …”

Nancy Nice: “So many problems and they spend time on this.”

William Bruce Matthews: “The small thing do count. The bio degradable replacements are all out there to be brought. Leading by example is a good thing this time. Looking at the biodegradable bags, too. Now if we can boost local production of them as well.”

Beth Calhoun: “Not gonna happen.”

Patti Bradshaw: “It’s a great idea.”

Sharon Bell: “Plastic straw bans are a trendy way for people to think they are helping the environment. Reducing use of disposable stuff as much as possible, avoiding things in excessive packaging, being an environmentally conscious consumer are going to make a difference. The less you throw out, the less often they have to expand the landfill. And sturdy reusable bags don’t burst and drop your groceries on the ground.”

Susan Hanscheck: “Ludicrous. Are they also going to ban plastic utensils and disposable plastic plates? What about plastic grocery bags? Are they banned yet? Trying to ban straws and swizzle sticks is like using a cup of water to put out a forest fire. Good to see Plattsburgh is still as backward as it was when I left 15 years ago.”

Justin Schultzyschultz: “Seriously… This is what they are getting paid for?”

Sean Bailey: “The liberal cause of the month.”

Bob Duffy: “How about recycling them, used plastic makes great new straws and swizzle sticks, or lawn chairs.”

Chris Baker: “Businesses should make there own choices, government shouldn’t be interfering. Next step is how much gas can be purchased …..”

Buddy Seymour: “This world is getting crazy.”

David Godbout: “It will keep the police busy, lol.”

Tina Lee Fenton: “We are not California, nor do we want to be.”

Brandon Dunham: “It’s nice to see Plattsburgh is finally being forward-thinking and caring about the environment! Will this solve the problem of the obscene amount of plastic waste in our oceans?

“No, but it’s a great place to start, and you have to start somewhere. Will this prevent those people with special needs from being able to drink safely? No, there are straws made from materials other than plastic.

“Is this problem more important than other issues in the world or even just Plattsburgh today? Irrelevant. If we have to decide on what the most pressing issue is first before anything gets done, then nothing will ever be accomplished. Take your wins where you can get them, people.”

Thomas Mullen: “Get rid of straws and get rid of dreaded grocery bags that bust open all the time. I’m sick of tired of seeing grocery bags in trees.”

Rich Patrie: “Solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Nice job.”

Jeff Morand: “Dumb.”

Nc Rob: “They should be more concerned with the heroin needles littering the ground instead of straws.”

Jennifer Larmon Coughlin: “We all need to do our part to help the environment. Aside from this debate you can refuse using straws and bring your own reusable bags when you shop and do your part on your own.”

Pj Sisk: “Give me a break. take care of homeless veterans mental health bullying needles all over.”

Aaron Paul: “Really……put your efforts into paying raises to fireman and security staff….what a wast of time.”

Amanda Trow-Racine: “I think this is an idiotic proposal and a colossal waste of time. Use your tax payer paid time to get something done, elect interested council members to the board, get off your cell phones on our dimes and make the city a place that people would be proud to call home.

“If you don’t understand what the important issues might be here are few you could look into. Hideous roads, the waterfront, section 8 housing popping up at will, give tax breaks to the folks that have jobs and pay for the “free” services that are available to so many.

“Close down the blight motels that house the trouble makers, take a ride out to see the 11 acres of land that will soon be a tribute to the homeless, drug addicted, criminals, etc., check out the new Conn.Court 2 that is being built with the same materials that are being used for high end condos. The possibilities are endless just do a little sleuthing and you will see the folly of the ‘straw debacle’…”

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