Quizzes for Kids: ELA, Math & Science from Preschool to 3rd Grade | Kids Academy

Quizzes for Kids: ELA, Math & Science from Preschool to 3rd Grade | Kids Academy

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Tests and quizzes for kids are two ways for teacher’s and home school parents to evaluate a student’s progress and understanding of a topic, skill, or education standard. Being a good quiz and test taker is a skill that is practiced and learned. For some students, doing an assessment is easy. For others, test taking causes anxiety, is difficult, and scores might not reflect the student’s actual level of understanding and achievement. Despite preparing for a quiz or test, some students still perform poorly. Prepare your students for taking quizzes and tests with fun and engaging test options.

Kids Academy offers fun quizzes for kids in a variety of subjects including English Language Arts, Math, and Science. Kids Academy ELA quizzes for children in the preschool and primary levels offer bright and engaging graphics and interesting questions. Quizzes for Kindergarten and quizzes for 1st grade assess skills such as identifying letters and sounds, complex phonics skills and reading comprehension. Math quizzes for young kids include testing about numbers, counting, graphing, and simple computations, while math quizzes for 2nd grade and quizzes for 3rd grade include more complex computations and operations. Numerous science quizzes for kids covering a range of topics are available too! All quizzes are age appropriate and engaging.

The quizzes are easy to access by subject, skill and grade level. Children complete the quizzes in the Kids Academy platform in different ways. Drag and drop, typing the answers, and clicking on the correct answer choice are ways children complete the quizzes. Children receive immediate answer feedback and positive reinforcement and a reward for a job well done.
Kids Academy offers quizzes for preschool to grade 3 level students. These resources integrate will into existing curriculum and provide students with quiz and test practice and also assessment options in the school or home classroom.


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