Reader’s View: My dream: less plastic production, pollution

Another concern is the plastic packaging of everyday items. Before plastic was invented, companies used non-harmful packaging for their products. Is it far-fetched to hope we could turn back the clock on plastics?

We can no longer depend on recycling to justify using plastic, since China recently announced it won’t accept it.

I believe caring consumers do try to avoid plastic when shopping. They choose alternative packaging if available and use cloth bags. It’s not much to ask for the good of future generations and Mother Earth.

Here’s my dream: less demand would mean less production of plastic; and because plastic is made from fossil fuels, we’d have fewer oil pipelines rupturing, fewer oil platforms in the ocean blowing up, cleaner groundwater, cleaner air, and (someday) no more drifting masses of plastic debris killing fish and other ocean life.

Kathy Winkler


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