Research recommendations?

Research recommendations?

So I am currently thinking about switching my major to something along the lines of ecology and biology. From my preliminary research I have found that it is quite a difficult field to have a stable career out of. I have also found that a lot of people have trouble finding “success” (depending on your definition of success). The only reason I ask is because I have been rethinking big life stuff and things, and kinda realized that the one common interest/passion that I have had in my life, is “nature” and ecology. But I did not go into that field when I began college, because I was worried about what I would do after. While going to school this year I kind of realized that, that just isn’t right. I shouldn’t forgo a passion out of fear for the future. I have decided That I don’t want to pursue something that I will keep me financially stable (stupid right) but rather something I am truly passionate about. If you guise could give me some advice as to where I go from here or what things I should do to prepare for the long journey ahead. Or maybe provide some insight to your life and how you got to where you are today. If that is too much I would be grateful even some books, articles, movies, etc that might help aid me I would really appreciate it. I hope you have a beautiful day, take it easy.

Long story short I am just trying to find my place here, what do I do to figure that out


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