Sacred Heart eighth-grader helps bring documentary on environmental straw dangers to Winnetka

Plastic straws are useful and ubiquitous. They are also helping to choke our oceans and landfills with indestructible pollution, say environmental activists.

Bailey Byrnes, an eighth-grade student at Sacred Heart School in Winnetka, no longer uses plastic straws. She and her family now use reusable metal straws in their Highland Park home. But Bailey, 13, wanted to go beyond making a personal change in habits.

She hopes that bringing “Straws,” a half-hour documentary on the dangers of single use plastic, to Winnetka on Oct. 24 can start a conversation that could ultimately lead people and local businesses to cut that kind of plastic from their daily lives.

“I go to school in Winnetka, I go to restaurants in Winnetka, and I hoped we could bring the film here,” Bailey said.

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