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Gabrielle Wood

Gabrielle Wood

Gabrielle Wood

Gabrielle Wood

Reusable straws have become mildly popular and should be used instead of plastic.

Plastic straws have become a controversial topic for many individuals who are advocates for the environment. I, personally, believe not using plastic straws is a big step in making the world a cleaner and healthier place.

As the years have passed, humans have seen a steady decrease in the overall wellness of the world. This has been from polluting and harming the environment with all of the waste we produce and release into the environment. One common type of waste is plastic. stated how much of an impact plastic straws have been on the environment. According to the website, Americans use millions of plastic straws a day. Those straws litter our streets, lands, shorelines and oceans. Plastic drinking straws are among the top 10 contributors to marine debris pollution.

Plastic straws are also not biodegradable, so they cannot be broken down after its use. This creates an issue because plastic will never truly disappear once it’s been created.

Being just one person in a big world, it may seem like there’s not much of an impact that one person can make. However, cutting out plastic straws from one’s daily routine is the start of making an environmental impact.

Instead of using plastic straws, people could be using paper straws, stainless steel, or even no straw at all.

There are many places where you can purchase reusable straws such as Walmart, Target, and Trader Joe’s. Well-known stores are selling these straws to customers as a great way to promote non-plastic straws to a wide audience. There should also be more commercials and advertisements on this issue because that would reach many viewers.

Businesses are also starting to move away from plastic straws by not providing them to their customers. It is a great idea for these companies to participate in this initiative because being so popular influences people to a greater level. Starbucks has changed their cup lids to be drink-accessible without having to use a straw. All food service companies should also consider being apart of this movement. This will help out the environment enormously because it is less plastic that will end up in local trash cans.

Here on campus, the Main Dish started incorporating an alternative to its plastic straws by providing paper straws. So many students use straws in the cafeteria so this is a great idea, and a big step in making a change in our university.

My family has also decided not to use plastic straws in our daily lives. My mother has purchased reusable straws through Amazon, and it has been something that I find useful. My sisters also take them to their own schools and use them in-between meals. The use of reusable straws has become very well-known in the younger age groups.

When ordering drinks at restaurants or fast food places, most of the time I order something without a straw. Although it may seem like a hassle, it really is simple and easy to do. All I have to do is bring my own straw to use or sip from the cup itself.

Washing the straws has been convenient as well. I just put my stainless steel straw into the dishwasher daily. The key is simply keeping it sanitary and remembering to carry it wherever I go.

It is nice to feel like I am making a difference in the world and contributing to making a healthier environment one reusable straw at a time. The more people are seen using them, the more people will want to join the bandwagon as well.

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