Stats help for dissertation

Stats help for dissertation

My dissertation title is “what is the most significant factor in determining Jaguar (Panthera onca) density”

My Independent Variable is Jaguar density per 100km/2 (results from Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Mexico and Peru)

Dependant variable 1 is Temperature (average for year)

DV 2 is Precipitation (average for year)

DV 3 is NDVI results for the country (for relevant years)

DV 4 is Forest Loss for individual years (extracted via Google Earth Engine- Hansen et al dataset)

The issues I have now is with Argentina. For the remainder of the results I gave statistically tested the DV’s with the IV using Spearmans rank correlation coefficient. However, the Argentina Density results for the Jaguar were 0 (I thought this would be good to show 1 country with no density results), I cannot seem to be able to run Spearman with 0 values on both excel or SPSS.

Is statistical analysis impossible because the IV is 0?

If so how should I present this in the results section? Graphical representations?

If anyone could give me a hand on this it would be muchly appreciated!


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