Straw bales become super art

This year’s super hero minions straw bale art is, well, just super.

Superman, Batman and Spiderman minions were painted over the weekend in about six hours on six round straw bales assembled by Al and Karen Goldman at their Hitt Road farm south of Idaho Falls.

Each bale weighs about a ton and for the past eight years, round straw bales have made the perfect canvas for artwork. This year, daughter Savannah Hoff, 22, and her husband, James Hoff, worked together with the Goldmans to create the characters.

“Savannah came home from Logan (Utah) where she’s going to college at the University of Utah over the weekend to help,” Darla Hoff said. “It was a group effort. She painted Superman and Batman and I painted Spiderman. And Karen helped spray paint some black areas too.”

Putting the project together went well except they kept running out of spray paint. About 30 cans of red, blue, black, white and two shades of yellow paint were used.

“We’d send anyone who would offer to go get paint,” Hoff said.

The families have been creating straw bale art for eight years at the Goldmans and about three years before that at Darla Hoff’s pumpkin patch, also on Hitt Road.

It all started when Darla Hoff wanted to decorate a bale with a pumpkin face to use as a billboard at the Goldmans’ place to advertise her pumpkin patch. After she closed her pumpkin patch, the tradition continued on Goldmans’ farm.

Last year’s theme was Star Wars but they’ve also built a giant bear, Tomas the Train, dueling John Deere and Case tractors, minions, an owl and a turkey.

“It’s so fun, after I close my pumpkin patch, Al and Karen asked me if I was still going to paint straw bales,” Hoff said. “They love having everyone come over and take pictures with their families in front of the bales.”

Idaho Falls resident, Aleece Griffin who grew up in the area looks forward to a new display each year.

“Ooooh my gosh, they are so cute,” Griffin said. “They have done such a good job with these cute little straw bales. They have really outdone themselves this year.”

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