The air conditioning trap: how cold air is heating the world | Environment

Yeah, no. As the pundit in the article said, you can pry my AC from my cold, frosty fingers.

Find another thing to latch on to. Reducing AC usage is just not going to happen, not as more people exit poverty and not as the world warms. My room can get into the upper 90’s in the summer without AC. If you think I’m going to voluntarily not use AC you’re fucking insane.

The article even points out that future projections have AC usage as being 13% of the total energy usage. Reducing our total energy usage by 13% isn’t going to stop climate change, it’s just going to make us all hot and miserable.

Ffs, AC is considered an essential service in my lease. If my AC breaks I’m legally allowed to withhold rent until it’s fixed. That alone should tell you how necessary it is.

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