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Some New Year’s resolutions are easier to keep than others. A vow to pick up a plant-based diet will be tested by a late-night slice of pepperoni pizza while a new fitness regime will be routinely challenged by the simple decision to skip it today, just this once (gyms are counting on it). Other resolutions, like a commitment to living more sustainably, are far easier to keep; in some places like Seattle, California and Washington, D.C., which recently enacted plastic straw bans, you’ll have the help of institutionalized rules.

Whether you live in those places or not, avoiding plastic straws is easier than ever. Bamboo straws and bucatini straws are in high supply, but if you want an over-the-top, nigh-indestructible sipper, check out Silca’s new anodized titanium one.

In manufacturing its ultralight Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cages, Silca found that it was producing small bits of wasted material. So it adjusted its design to save that material and voila – a reusable drinking utensil made of aerospace-grade metal that comes in a batch of tasteful colors. It’s a reusable straw that you’ll actually want to show off (and a hell of an upgrade over those soggy paper ones).

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Tanner Bowden is a staff writer at Gear Patrol covering all things outdoors and fitness. He is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School and a former wilderness educator. He lives in Brooklyn but will always identify as a Vermonter.

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