What do you think about climate change?

i think the last half of this century is going to be a mad scramble towards the poles where we huddle up and die. hopefully some thousands of humans will continue life after mass extinction with more respect towards each other.


Dr Ira Leifer, Atmospheric Scientist, UC Santa Barbara

“Some scientists are indicating we make plans to adapt to a 4 degree centigrade hotter world. While prudent, one wonders what portion of the population could adapt to such a world. My view is that it’s just a few thousand people seeking refuge in the Arctic or Antarctica.”


We’re already looking at reaching a 4 degree rise before 2100 if we don’t curb emissions, which we effectively are not. The heating is exponential; the pace will pick up over the next couple decades, people will migrate, prices will rise, extreme weather events will increase in frequency and fatalities.


Ice takes a fuckton of energy to melt. And right now it’s getting blasted with fucktons. It does NOT take a fuckton of energy to heat up water, which is also getting blasted by fucktons. When the ice is gone I probably won’t have to argue this anymore.

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