What kind of jobs/work does Ecology entail?

What kind of jobs/work does Ecology entail?

I’m about to enroll for my undergraduate degree later this year and I’ve got the Environmental Sciences as one of my choices. It’s always been a topic of interest to me, especially animals and their interactions and effects on the macro scale. One of the first big stories that caught my eye was the one about how reintroducing wolves to Yosemite practically revitalized the entire river basin. (The majority of the rest are rather pessimistic, as expected.)

Unfortunately, such work is rather uncommon in my country, so I haven’t really been able to get much in the way of personal experience. I’ve read plenty more online though, but my knowledge of possible jobs only extends to field research, consultation work, and maybe government sector stuff as a park ranger.

I’m quite sure this isn’t the whole picture though, so what else is there?


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