What’s the point?

What’s the point?

I have been an environmentalist as long as I can remember. Environmental stewardship is literally the most important tenet in my life and I have made radical lifestyles choices because I feel such a strong obligation to the planet. I am currently majoring in ecology because I’m passionate and adept at it, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I am a sensitive person and I try to stay optimistic about the future of the planet, but according to all available scientific evidence we are going to have multiple massive die-offs of species within my lifetime – hell, before I’m even old enough to retire. The time for incremental change passed decades ago, and nothing short of radical changes on the part of humans is going to lessen the impact of impending environmental devastation.

But people aren’t willing to make those changes. The future of life as we know it depends on the accountability and action of the majority of humans, and frankly, the majority of humans just don’t care enough to do anything meaningful. A small minority of very committed, impassioned people is realistically not enough to have any impact in the amount of time we have to actually affect change. So what is the point? Even trying to dedicate myself to the planet in a service capacity seems pointless. I feel like I’m just idling while waiting for the end days. How do you guys maintain any sort of hope about the future?


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